Multilingualism, Subalternity and Dominance of Single Language Networks
The Hegemony of English in the Multilingual Societies of India and South Africa
General introduction
Approach and assumptions
Research objectives
Project progress
Research group

General introduction

This is an intercultural, interdisciplinary and comparative action research by a group of scholars, educationists, policy makers and practitioners in Europe, India and South-Africa.

It deals with multilingualism, language policies, multi-lingual and multi-expressive education in the framework of effective hegemony of one main language and, in global perspective, of English as lingua franca. It examines, thereby, the processes of communication through multiple languages, of multi-cultural understanding, of socio-political interaction through multiple literacies, of multiple technology practices and of multiple learning arrangements, which take place in the framework of tensions and conflicts generated by homogenising and dominating national and trans-national group relations, structures and institutions.

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