Project: Multilingualism, Subalternity and Dominance of Single Language Networks
The Hegemony of English in the Multilingual Societies of India and South Africa
General introduction
Approach and assumptions
Research objectives
Project progress
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New Publications:

Series:"Multilingualism, Subalternity and Hegemony of English"

Multiple Languages, Literacies and Technologies
Mapping out concepts, analysing practices and defining positions
edited by Patrick V. Dias
2004, ISBN 3-937565-00-0 also ISBN 81-89164-11-2

Mother Tongue Based Bilingual Education in Southern Africa:
The Dynamics of Implementation
edited by Neville Alexander
2005, ISBN 3-937565-03-9


Bilingual Education and Bi-literacy: its Meaning and Practicability
edited by Patrick V. Dias.

Learning and Teaching Languages and Technological Codes
in the Schools in India
dited by Patrick V. Dias.

Workplace Reports

Drawing posters to understand children's ideas on science and technology
by Swati Mehrotra, Ritesh Khunyakari, Sugra Chunawala and Chitra Natarajan

Ideas about "technology" among middle school students in Mumbai
by Ritesh Khunyakari, Swati Mehrotra, Sugra Chunawala and Chitra Natarajan

Comparative study of media of instruction (Marathi, Marathi/English and English) in the Schools in Maharashtra
by Anita Patwardhan


List of other selected publications:

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